Canadian businesses are busy planning how to deal with office operations as pandemic restrictions are lifted and tenants and workers return to their places of work.

KJA assists landlords and property managers to formulate good elevator service with post-pandemic considerations that balance timeliness, safety, and passenger comfort.

Using sophisticated modelling technology and working with your unique elevator specifications and building population, we conduct iterative simulations to illustrate the ramping realities of the elevators in each building under loading scenarios of 2, 3, and 4 people.  We then calculate estimated waiting times, travel time to destination floors, and lobby queue length during peak times and over different floors.

It is obvious that good elevator service cannot possibly be achieved with restrictions, so we also provide practical recommendations of best elevator management techniques and tips for optimal operation, such as:

  • How to work with your tenants and residents to space arrivals and inter-floor traffic
  • Suggestions for signage to indicate social distancing within the elevator cab
  • Queue organization and destination management

In addition, we can co-ordinate your requirements with your elevator contractor to adjust performance metrics and dispatching algorithms to ensure continued reliability and uptime.

KJA is committed to working with our clients and their contractors to provide safe, timely, and cost-effective elevator service as we all adjust to the post-pandemic operational environment. 

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