By Rob Isabelle

Rob Isabelle is the Chief Operating Officer at KJA Consultants, Inc. and is a member of the TSSA’s elevating devices advisory council.

A new billing model for annual elevator licenses will be starting on May 1st 2021 in Ontario by the provincial Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

The biggest change will be that previously separately invoiced fees are now billed up front which may give the impression that the fees have increased.

Theoretically, the cost should be more-or-less similar to what owners were paying before, depending on the complexity of their elevators. The risk is that it initially may be confusing when it’s all billed as one package.

The TSSA promotes the new flat rates as “fair, predictable, and efficient” since the licensing costs will be sent as just one invoice and will be a known fixed fee for the licensee’s budgeting process.

To read more about these changes, you can find Barbara Carss’s excellent write up at the REMI website here:

and the TSSA’s explanatory document here:—External—02.17.2021.pdf

If you are curious and interested in knowing more about the changes and how it will impact you and your business, don’t hesitate to reach as at KJA.