UPDATE: The strike has ended. Read more: https://www.tssa.org/Modules/News/index.aspx?lang=en&newsId=0ef1771b-c327-492f-b369-84c34f8d7c79

OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union), the union representing the staff of safety inspectors with the TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) has began go on strike today, July 21 2022, as of 12:01.

The TSSA will continue to respond to serious safety incidents and will continue to inspect sites classified as high risk.

UPDATE: “The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and the Society, the union that represents TSSA’s engineers, have reached an agreement on a first contract that was ratified by members in a vote held earlier today. This agreement, which benefits both parties, comes after eight months of robust and respectful negotiations.”

Source: https://www.tssa.org/Modules/News/index.aspx?newsId=56f47c97-cb78-4a77-813e-bd8d07ee00ce

If you are unsure how this strike action will affect you and your tenants, contact us at KJA and we would be glad to work with you in ensuring the safety and reliability of your units.

Read more from the TSSA: https://www.tssa.org/Modules/News/index.aspx?feedId=a432fea8-34f2-4fb2-97ec-b393c44fc0eb&newsId=6b069933-1222-4ba2-b838-6b662e875e91

Read more from the OPSEU: https://opseu.org/news/tssa-safety-inspectors-ontario-wide-strike-for-safety-ends/177602/