KJA is proud to announce our merger with ATIS and Liberty Elevator Experts under ATIS Ascenda Partners, LLC to form the largest and most comprehensive elevator and escalator management and advisory company in North America. KJA remains committed to our clients and their customers and will now be better equipped to serve and enhance our services, especially across the border. KJA will continue operating under the KJA branding in Canada.  

KJA Consultants, Inc will continue to be the largest and most trusted elevator and escalator engineering consulting company in Canada and our clients and customers should not expect any changes that will adversely impact our services to them. Rob Isabelle will continue to be KJA’s Canadian Chief Operations Officer.

“This merger is a transformational step in advancing our shared vision to be the global leader in vertical transportation consulting, inspections and managed services, and we’re excited about the benefits this merger will bring to our team members, customers, and the overall industry,” said Chip Smith, CEO of ATIS Ascenda Partners, LLC.

We thank our talented and hard working engineering consultants and staff for making and keeping KJA the most trusted elevator consulting firm in Canada, by peers and clients.

You can learn more about the merger from here: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/atis-liberty-elevator-experts-and-kja-consultants-announce-merger/ or by contacting us at mergerinfo@kja.com

About ATIS Ascenda Partners’ Operating Companies:

ATIS was founded in 2012 and has quickly become the leading full-service elevator management, consulting, and inspection services company in the U.S., with more than 140 Qualified Elevator Inspectors (QEIs) serving all 50 states. ATIS is leading the industry with its proprietary elevator and escalator management software that also leverages IoT and inspection/violation tracking to significantly improve device safety, compliance, and performance. For more information, please visit atis.com.

Liberty Elevator Experts was founded by Chris Dodds in 2014 and has grown in eight short years to be a leading vertical transportation professional services firm throughout the US. Liberty understands how important a hassle-free experience is to property owners, on and off-site. Liberty’s success is a result of this customer-first attitude and the hard work and dedication of their experienced team. For more information, please visit libertyelevatorexperts.com.

KJA Consultants is an engineering consulting firm specializing in elevators and escalators. Since 1965, KJA has designed vertical transportation systems, managed their installation, and improved their performance for commercial, institutional and residential buildings throughout North America. With a strong presence in major Canadian cities, KJA is an industry pioneer in developing cutting edge ride quality analysis tools, traffic measurement methods, and state-of-the-art traffic analysis simulation software. For more information, please visit kja.com.