KJA Elevator and Escalator Consulting Engineers

KJA is a consulting engineering firm specializing in elevators and escalators.  We design vertical transportation devices and manage their construction, installation, and performance.

Our clients are architects, real estate developers, property managers and building owners.  We also provide advice on  moving walkways, conveyors and window washers. We have a strong presence in the major cities in Canada and work on projects around the globe.

We have designed, specified and inspected elevator systems in prestigious commercial and residential buildings throughout North America and internationally since 1965. KJA has always been a pioneer in the industry, developing cutting edge ride quality analysis tools, traffic measurement methods and equipment, state of the art traffic analysis simulation software (used in design development for hundreds of International clients), and complete vertical transportation portfolio management solutions.

We also assist with new installations, modernizations, procurement and contract management.

Our maintenance management program yields improvements in device performance which enhances the tenant experience, and our contract specification program results in greater control over costs and billings.

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KJA Consultants, Inc. Leadership Team

Mark Davies

Rob Isabelle, P. Eng.
Chief Operations Officer

Andy Wells, P. Eng.
Senior Vice President

Adrian Schneider
British Columbia General Manager

Andrew McLeod, P.Eng.
New Installations National Head

Chris Munro
Toronto General Manager

Martin Ouimet, P.Eng.
Eastern Canada General Manager

Scot Harvey
Western Canada General Manager