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Elevator and Escalator Consulting Engineers

Destination Dispatch technology

Destination dispatching technology in recent years has saved people a lot of time in some of the busiest buildings in downtown Toronto. Rob Isabelle was quoted in the recent The Star article;

 Smart elevators make up and down buttons obsolete:

 “...buildings have always been organized by demand, with half of the elevators allocated to half the floors, or with certain ones earmarked during peak periods.

 With up and down buttons, conventional elevators can tell that one or more people want to go up or down, but they lack key information, such as how many people are waiting on each floor and which floor they want to go to.

 With more details, computer algorithms can send the right elevator to the right floor, ensuring more speed and efficiency.” This not only stands to save the residents’ time, it also reduces amount of the distance a car needs to travel, thereby reducing the waiting even further.”

 You can read the whole article at thestar.com.


Source: thestar.com