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e2m - Maintenance Management

Elevator Portfolio Maintenance Management

In the past KJA has conducted periodic or regular maintenance inspections of elevators at the request of the building owners or managers. The purpose of these inspections has been to assess the quality of maintenance being conducted on the equipment, and to ensure that the elevator contractors are providing the level of service they are being paid for. Typically we have been hired in reaction to complaints by building tenants, and occasionally on a pro-active basis.

While this has been an effective service, we have found that even better results can be obtained through a more hands on management of the elevator maintenance. Our experience with repeat inspections in the same buildings has shown that each time there remains a number of outstanding elevator deficiencies, particularly in the area of elevator performance. Our concern is that the existing contractors are not keeping the equipment adjusted as well as they could, and that immediately after the inspections are conducted the equipment degrades all over again until the next inspection. Furthermore, each inspection is only a snapshot of the equipment on that particular day, and many concerns such as the number of elevator shutdowns, the causes of the shutdowns, waiting times et cetera cannot be determined by a one time inspection.

We have developed a comprehensive elevator management program. This is an added value feature for tenants, and allows management to address their concerns regarding elevator service more directly. Essentially, we look after the bulk of the dealings with the elevator company directly.

The program has four key elements:

 1. Semi-Annual Meetings - Every six months we would meet with the elevator company and a representative of your company to review the following. We would prepare minutes of the meetings.
  1.1 The number of call-backs and their causes;
  1.2 Invoices and extra charge proposals;
  1.3 The status of any deficiencies from our maintenance inspection reports or from any safety inspection reports generated by the TSSA;
  1.4 Upcoming major repair procedures;
  1.5 Any concerns raised by tenants or management.

 2 Maintenance Inspections - We would conduct an annual maintenance audit of the elevators in accordance with the procedures followed annually over the past several years with the site.

 3. Capital Plan - We would prepare a capital plan which would outline required and optional elevator expenses over the next twenty years. Each year we would update the plan such that you will be able to accurately forecast your future elevator needs and costs.

 4. General Assistance - Short of providing detailed assistance associated with a legal action or supervising a major upgrade of the elevator equipment, we would assist you in dealing with routine or day-to-day elevator issues.

The point of all of this is to do two things. First, we want to ensure that throughout the entire year you receive proper elevator service. Second, we want to take the management of your building’s elevator maintenance out of the hands of the contractor, and place it under your control. By doing this we can improve the quality of your elevator service, reduce the amount of extra charges, and extend the life of the existing equipment.

Basically, your team would no longer have to deal with the elevator companies on their own. We would look after everything. The one major exception would be calls to the elevator company to report a problem. In the interest of timeliness, it would likely be better for your personnel to handle this directly.
The program offers the following benefits:

 1. It can provide you with a higher standard of elevator service within your buildings.
 2. It will provide you with independent data and advice with respect to the need, benefits and fair price for any equipment upgrades or replacements.
 3. It will enable you to accurately budget future elevator expenditures.
 4. It will provide you with the proper information with respect to the elevator service such that you will be able to realistically assess and address any complaints made by your tenants.

 5. You will reduce the amount of “extra charges” received from the elevator contractors by having an elevator expert as part of your team.