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Elevator and Escalator Consulting Engineers


KJA can perform elevator inspections for the following purposes:

1.  Condition surveys - due diligence or ongoing evaluation of equipment

2.  Reserve fund studies - what are the required expenditures on the elevating devices in the future

3.  Maintenance inspections - how well is the maintenance of the equipment being performed

4.  Upgrade and new construction inspections - from initial site surveys to determine what is required through interim inspections during a contract to final acceptance and deficiency inspections

KJA has the knowledge, qualifications and key personnel available to inspect all components of your elevators and escalators.

Some of the components of traction elevators that would be reviewed include the following:

 - hoist machines;
 - motors;
 - ropes;
 - controllers;
 - hoistway equipment;
 - car fixtures including the car buttons and position indicators;
 - hall fixtures including the hall buttons and hall lanterns;
 - communication equipment;
 - door safeties;
 - emergency alarm bell;
 - central control panel.

Similarly, components specific to hydraulic elevator that would be reviewed include the following:

 - pumping units;
 - hydraulic control valves;
 - visible portions (above ground only) of hydraulic cylinders and visible
 corrosion protection equipment;
 - above ground pressure feed lines (where visible).

Some of the escalator components that would be reviewed include the following:

 - motor and drive unit;
 - step tracks and step rollers;
 - handrails, tensioning sheaves and drive sheaves;
 - decking;
 - comb plates;
 - landing plates;
 - controllers.

A report detailing the condition of the equipment as well as budget figures for recommended or requisite upgrade work would be provided.