Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Management Program (E2M)

The safe and efficient operation of elevators and escalators is a key element of any building. We work with building owners and property managers to address their concerns regarding their elevator service and maintenance program to improve tenant satisfaction and building profitability.

We offer a comprehensive elevator management program to assist owners and managers in dealing with their elevator contractor and optimizing their vertical transportation assets. The program has four key elements:

  1. Inspections and Audits of each device on an annual basis to identify functional deficiencies
  2. Regular Contractor Meetings to review key operational indicators, such as call-backs, tenant experience, invoices, planned and unplanned repairs, and regulatory safety tests
  3. Capital Expenditure Plan updated annually to assist in forecasting future elevator needs
  4. General Assistance and Advice, including contract reviews, supervision of an upgrade, expert opinions in legal or insurance matters

The program allows property managers to better understand and manage the vertical transportation asset and its maintenance contractor.

The benefits of our E2M program are:

  • Greater tenant satisfaction with a higher standard of elevator service
  • Better decision making, backed up by objective data and advice about equipment performance
  • More accurate budgeting and capital expenditure planning for equipment improvements and replacements
  • Better understanding of the contractual aspects of elevator maintenance to reduce legal actions
  • Financial savings arising from having an expert second opinion on hand to review contractor proposals and extra-to-contract invoices

Please see this sample from an actual site under our care from the actual number of callbacks the client devices have received over a 3 year period from the beginning of KJA across three sites in a complex. The decrease of the number of callbacks indicate an improvement on performance, reliability, and tenant satisfaction as the elevating devices encounter less issues overall.

If you wish to better understand what this means for you, your company, and your tenants don’t hesitate to contact us!

For more information and to help you customize a maintenance program that suits your needs, contact us today!