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2909, 2022

Ontario TSSA Inspectors go on strike


OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union), the union representing the staff of safety inspectors with the TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) has began go on strike today, July 21 2022, as of 12:01. The TSSA will continue to respond to serious safety incidents and will continue to inspect sites classified as high risk.

206, 2022

Ontario Elevator Code Changes in 2022


The Code changes coming into effect this year are designed to improve elevator reliability, reduce elevator downtime and to publicize elevator reliability. Ultimately, these changes will result in increased reliability and responsibilities for building Owners. There will be significant changes to the way building Owners and elevator contractors manage existing vertical transportation systems in Ontario. It is the responsibility of both parties to be well informed and comply with these changes and laws. Here are a summary of these coming changes along with some basic information to assist you.

501, 2022

Update to Elevators and COVID transmission: a scientific review


It is now agreed by scientists and researchers that Covid-19 transmission is largely airborne rather than from contact with surfaces. This is probably even truer with Omicron, so methods to prevent the release of airborne particles and to remove them as quickly as possible are now the main defences to keep elevators safe. This confirms that ventilation is an extremely important factor while behavioural changes of elevator users, such as mask wearing, not talking, social distancing and increased testing are also key defences.

2210, 2021

Will your elevators be up to code?


Ontario’s elevator laws and safety regulations are slated to be updated in early 2022.  They affect the approximately 40,000 commercial elevators and 20,000 residential elevators in the province and are intended to improve safety, reliability, and accessibility.

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