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1009, 2021

Post-Pandemic Elevator Service Recommendations


Pre-COVID, elevators normally operated without restricting the number of passengers per trip, and capacity in peak hours. Now, occupancy has been reduced to respect physical distancing protocols, and if the 2 metre guideline was strictly enforced, only 1 or maybe 2 passengers can fit in most office building elevators. This results in longer wait times and larger groups of users waiting for elevator service.

2303, 2021

New TSSA Licensing Rates


A new billing model for annual elevator licenses will be starting on May 1st 2021 in Ontario by the provincial Technical Standards and Safety Authority. The biggest change will be that previously separately invoiced fees are now billed up front which may give the impression that the fees have increased.

103, 2021

Escalator Safety for Owners


Injuries occur about 15 times more frequently on escalators than elevators. About 10,000 escalator-related injuries per year result in emergency-room treatment in the U.S. Most of these accidents can be avoided if safety issues are addressed. People who use escalators generally do not recognize the risks and possible dangers associated with these devices, and some escalator service technicians do not consistently adhere to safety protocol. The fact that serious or fatal injuries continue to occur globally underscores the need for diligent implementation of safety measures at all levels.

302, 2021

Elevator Hoist Rope Longevity and Maintenance


KJA Senior Consultant Fartash Razmjoo has a detailed technical article published in the February 2021 elevator industry magazine Elevator World elevatorworld.com . The article provides a detailed overview of installation and maintenance requirements for elevator ropes to ensure maximum life.

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