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1901, 2021

Elevators and COVID transmission: a scientific review


There are a lot of claims that elevators are a source of spreading coronavirus but little direct evidence.  There are convincing cases where elevators have caused transmission from one person to another but these instances are rare because exposure times are short. It is, however, understandable that people are nervous about entering an enclosed space with strangers and there are some simple, practical steps that can be taken to alleviate these concerns.

2112, 2020

Antimicrobial properties of copper and copper alloys


There have been many studies on antibacterial properties of copper and copper alloys. Most have been in hospital or care home settings and concentrating on bacteria, rather than viruses. Although marketing literature of copper alloys as antimicrobials stresses their use in hospital settings, no hospital relies solely on these surfaces to kill microbes. Continuous sterilisation and disinfection with heat, chemicals and steam is practised where contamination could be an issue. Anti-microbial surfaces are used as supplementary and interim cleaners and to prevent biofilm build-up between disinfections. Time to kill microbes is on the scale of hours, whereas equipment, railings and buttons can be touched every few seconds to minutes.

2411, 2020

Innovations in Elevators due to Covid


Elevators have quickly become one of the key tools in a building owner and management's arsenal in providing a safe environment for people living and working in buildings. The elevator industry is quickly innovating to fill in the demand and changing requirements to improved safety and convenience to riders. Learn more about what innovations and technologies the industry are piloting [ Read more ... ]

2409, 2020

Seasonal Elevator Rope Contraction and Expansion


By Rob Isabelle Recently, a client approached us regarding the effect humidity has on elevator hoist ropes. We investigated and discovered that while humidity does effect the rope lengths, these variations are minimal and do not impact the operation of the equipment provided rope maintenance is being performed. Our report has further details regarding this incident. As requested, we have [ Read more ... ]

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