Specialized Technical Services

KJA can work with you for a variety of specialized technical services. Most of them come with our standard services for design, modernization, and maintenance programs, but each can be accessed individually as needed.


We can provide a variety of inspections or a series of inspections to help you manage your elevating devices with more information on hand.

  • Maintenance Inspections – find out if you are receiving the level of maintenance you are paying for
  • Condition Surveys – for due diligence or ongoing evaluation of equipment condition
  • Reserve Fund Studies – evaluate require expenditures in the future for budgeting and planning purposes
  • Upgrade and New Construction Inspections – from initial site surveys to final acceptance and deficiency inspections

Expert Witness Services (Ontario and Quebec)

We can provide accident and incident review services. Our senior consultants have experience providing expert testimony in trials and hearings relating to elevating device accidents or legal actions.

Traffic Studies

Are your elevators no longer meeting demand? Tenant complaining that they wait too long for a ride? We can provide traffic studies to help you understand the current and potential performance of your elevators and allow you to make an informed decision.

Elevator Ride Quality Analysis

We can provide a scientific review of ride quality by recording vibration, acceleration, and sound characteristics of your elevators to identify and isolate areas for improvement.

Design Simulations

We can provide computer simulations of planned elevator designs to help identify if they can meet the proposed design of the building and expected tenancy population.

Procurement Assistance

We can help your with all phases of buying new elevators, upgrading existing equipment, and tendering your next maintenance contract.

General Assistance

We can help you with all aspects of your elevating devices. Whether they are listed above, or something you are unsure of such as invoice reviews, pareto analysis, and other concerns you need to make an informed decision regarding your elevating devices, you can count on us to help you tackle them with confidence.

Whether you know exactly the kind of service you need, or unsure what the solution to your problems are, we are here to help.