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We work with Architects and Developers to design and manage the installation of an elevator and escalator system.  We use specialized simulation tools  to provide optimal elevator performance for the occupants and minimize core space allocated to vertical transportation within the building.  We design elevator and escalator systems for all types of buildings from mega tall towers to hotels to residential buildings to complex hospitals.

We work with Building Owners and Managers to determine the timing and extent of upgrades to existing elevators and escalators.  These upgrades can be minor improvements to components or complete replacement or reconfigurations.  We can manage the entire process from capital budgeting through to specifications, procurement, turnover and commissioning of an upgraded elevator or escalator project.

We work with Building Owners and Managers to assist in the operational management of their fleet of elevators and escalators.  We can provide a comprehensive elevator program anchored by inspections, regular meetings and a web portal for key operating metrics that allows Building Owners and Managers to proactively track and address elevator service concerns.

We work with Building Owners, Managers, Real Estate Investment Professionals, Lawyers and Insurance Professionals to meet their needs for assistance on vertical transportation issues.  We can provide a full suite of technical audits and services including condition assessments for due diligence, maintenance and performance audits, capital planning, insurance claim assistance, expert witness services, elevator efficiency studies, contract management and general vertical transportation consulting.

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